Sunday, January 14, 2007

Refinancing your Mortgage from a Rattlesnake?


I subscribe to a free email service that runs banner ads on its pages. I believe one series of ads is from your company. However, some of the icons you have chosen to promote your product - home ownership refinancing, mortgage services, and the like - are curious. One is a poorly-animated shimmying banana. Another is a rather threatening-looking wolf, whose body elongates over the length of my internet page window, balefully glaring back at me over its shoulder. Yet another is a rattlesnake, whose tail, emblazoned with the abbreviations of the fifty states, shakes with poisonous intent, seeming to say, don't tread on me. Now, I ask you honestly, gentlemen, is this the best way to sell a mortgage? Is it a reasonable proposition that a consumer would desire to enter into a monetary transaction with a shimmying banana? Would it be prudent to throw yourself upon the mercy of a wolf or a rattlesnake when it comes to the family finances? Your newest ad, featuring some cute dangling frogs, is much more pleasant, but I still don't see the connection with high finance.


At 1:37 PM, Blogger booda baby said...

It speaks to your excellence as a blogger that I'd copy and paste my way to, remembering too late that you mentioned an email service, not the corporate home page.

Okay, it either speaks to your excellence as a blogger or an excess of reluctance to work on my part. You ARE a great blog artist and I can see a habit in the making. But I also am, lately, BIG into avoiding work.

So. A mystery. One not worth solving.

At 6:22 PM, Blogger A.P. Alderney said...

Thanks, BB, and happy blogging to you!


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